Steps to the Field


Two-three hours; a good evening!

It was Neal Pirolo's privilege to view the famed city of Paris from the observation deck of the Eiffel Tower: the Seine River; the flying buttresses of the Notre Dame Cathedral. He took it all in. Fabulous! But to get to that vantage point, he had to climb 762 steel steps—one at a time! For missionaries to arrive safely at the "regions beyond" requires many careful steps. Unfortunately, not like Neal's adventure in Paris where he could not avoid any of the steps, one preparing to go to the field can skip many of the steps—to their own (and their church's and agency's) peril! Caught up in the emotion of a missions conference or from the quiet recesses of his prayer closet, one can emerge with a sense that God wants him to be a missionary. But, what next?

Using a round-table discussion format, Neal Pirolo elicits questions that would not likely be asked in another context. Though very free-flowing in its structure (so as to be able to deal with the "real" questions), an outline of five major areas of steps is followed:

  • Motivation
  • Confirmation
  • Destination
  • Preparation
  • Ordination
Steps to the Field
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