Picture of Greg & Marci PiroloGreg Pirolo is the director of ERI Resources, a division of Emmaus Road International.   ERI Resources handles development, production, marketing, and order fulfilment of all of the printed and electronic media of ERI.  Greg’s background is primarily in small business development and management. He has owned and operated half a dozen businesses over the past 40 years.      

Missions has also been a significant part of his life.  He was a “missionary kid” for 2 years in the amazon jungle of Peru and 2-1/2 more years in Brasil where he graduated high school. He attended the San Diego School of Evangelism which included a mission trip to England and Scotland.  For the past 6 years, he and his wife Marci, led teams of young adults through a year-long missions-oriented discipleship program that included both training stateside and 6 months living and serving on the mission field.  They have also participated in other short-term mission trips to various countries.

Greg was raised in a Christian home and taught from birth about God and His Word.  His father has been involved in missions for over 40 years, and both of his grandfathers were pastors, missionaries, and evangelists. He considers himself fortunate to have such a rich and Godly heritage.  He is married and has adult children and grandchildren.