A Seminar Week-End


A Seminar Week-End begins at least a month ahead of time. A 20-statement rating form is given to all in church leadership. The forms are collected and returned to ERI. A bit of statistical analysis gives a profile of the leaderships' opinions of five areas of cross-cultural outreach in the church. This profile becomes the discussion starter for a Friday evening, dinner meeting of all church leadership.

On Saturday, the For Those Who Go, the Serving As Senders, or the Personal Involvement in Cross-Cultural Ministry seminar attracts those interested in a greater involvement in missions.

On Saturday evening, we are pleased to offer a more personal Round Table Discussion for those with specific questions on going or sending.

Sunday morning worship service gives us an opportunity to give a broader perspective on the church's involvement in being supportive of the cross-cultural outreach ministry of the church.

A Seminar Week-End
For more information about hosting this seminar
or its availability in your area,
please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
or call (858) 292-7020

Financial policy:
We request round-trip transportation costs,
room and board while we are with you,
and an honorarium as the Lord leads.