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Doing World Missions at Home


"We are here. We're living among you. The reasons for which we  came are diverse. Some are noble; some motives are not so pure. But we are here. What are you going to do with me? Well, not me. But the others... You see, I am one of the fortunate few who has recently found a friend in America. Oh, here he comes now. Let me introduce him to you. This is Jonathan."

"Hi! Yes, I grew up in a church that emphasized missions. Speakers came from distant lands telling of the challenge to reach the lost. My heart was stirred with compassion, so I began praying for various missionaries. But circumstances of my life would not allow me to travel to those faraway places I had heard about. One day I opened my eyes to realize that God has brought the internationals of the world  to the doorstep of every church in America! And now my wife and I have opened the door of our home and our hearts to an international student. We are involved! What a great pleasure! What an opportunity God has put before us. Its better than a day at the beach, I realized after my first contact with international students. My wife says it makes her feel like an ambassador with a teacup!"


Christian, one of the most strategic “foreign” mission fields today is at the very doorstep of our homes.
•   Strategic because it is so close at hand. They have moved into our neighborhood.
•   Strategic because it represents the segment of our population with the most dramatic growth.
•   Strategic because it does not cost the “mega- bucks” of going to another country.
•   Strategic because it is good training for those who will go to another country.
•   Strategic because so little effort yields such a great harvest.
•   Strategic because it reaches people who are open to the Gospel.
•   Strategic because it is in His Word: “Do not take advantage of aliens in your land; do not wrong them. They must be treated like any other citizen: Love them as yourself...” (Leviticus 19:33-34).

Internationals Who Live Among Us
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