Internationals Among Us


Four to six hours; a good Saturday investment of time!

God has brought the internationals of the world to the doorstep of every church and neighborhood in America. Gone are the days of having to fly away somewhere to do world missions. In this seminar we look at seven types of internationals among us and how to share the love of Christ in a culturally relevant manner:

  • International students
  • International business people
  • Illegal aliens
  • Relocating refugees
  • Adult children of career missionaries
  • International visitors
  • Ethnic communities


When available, we have guests from one or another group speak.

This seminar is taken from the book, Internationals Who Live Among Us. Available HERE.
Internationals Among Us
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Financial policy:
We request round-trip transportation costs,
room and board while we are with you,
and an honorarium as the Lord leads.