Seminar Schedule

For Those Who Go – In 6 hours, you are challenged to consider seriously what is involved in cross-cultural outreach ministry as a missionary. MORE


Serving As Senders~Today – In 6 hours, you begin your preparation for becoming a “partner in the Gospel” with your missionary friend in one or more of six areas.   MORE


Personal Involvement in Cross-Cultural Ministry – In 6 hours, we combine the core of two seminars: For Those Who Go and Serving As Senders~Today.   MORE

What’s the Big Deal? They’re Just Coming Home! – In 2-3 hours, you learn how to help your missionary friend through this most difficult time of coming home.   MORE

Solutions to Culture Stress – In 4 hours, you look at solutions to culture shock and stress from four perspectives. MORE

Prepare For Battle! Basic Training in Spiritual Warfare – As a 9-hour week-end retreat or a 6-hour Saturday, you learn principles of how to live in the victory Christ won for us on Calvary.   MORE

Internationals Among Us – In 4-6 hours, you come into contact with seven types of internationals living among us and how to minister Christ’s love.  MORE

Steps to the Field – In 2-3 hours, using a round-table format, we discuss issues not usually talked about in missionary preparation.   MORE

Eight Possible NEXT Steps – In 2 hours, you examine “what’s next” after having been challenges to cross-cultural outreach ministry.   MORE

Nothing G O O D Just Happens! – An intense three day, 21 hour seminar! (With diligent preparation, the core of this seminar has been squeezed into six hours!) A person (or church) to coordinate and host this seminar is required.   MORE

A Seminar Week-end – A Seminar Week-End combines training for cross-cultural ministry on four levels.   MORE

Speaker’s Bureau – Any segment of our seminars as well as any of the topics of the Critical Issues Bulletins can be adapted to any speaking engagement, and for any group.   MORE