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A few times in my life I have been blessed to clearly witness God’s work. Each time I am so amazed. I heard God calling me into missions in 2008, but only partly answered that call in 2009 when I went to Alaska to work with two churches, ministering among the Inuit Indians. Even as I went, I was still questioning, “why me?”

My first day in Alaska I stopped at a small bookstore in Palmer and found the Christian book section. Right away my eyes seemed to be led to a steel gray book on the top shelf. I pulled it off the shelf and knew it was another message from God as I read the title, I Think God Wants Me to be a Missionary. At the time I took it only as another confirmation and returned the book to the shelf.

After a year of serving part time in Alaska, I was invited to come to Southern California to help a church with its work in Mexico. One day while house sitting for some full time missionaries just south of Ensenada, I saw a familiar steel gray-colored book on a shelf. I grabbed it and to my wonderful surprise, it was this same book I had seen in Alaska: I Think God Wants Me to be a Missionary!

This time I did read it. I was amazed at how so many of my questions were answered. A few days later the family returned and I was telling them about my history with this book. My friend then said he had his own story to tell. He said that years ago he was at a missions conference. On his way out he stopped at one of the vender booths and looked at the books for sale. “The vender was trying to get me to buy this book, I Think God Wants Me to be a Missionary, but I thought I am already a missionary, why do I need this book? Also the price of the book was all the money I had.”

My friend walked away but said he was convicted that he must go back and buy the book. He didn’t know exactly why but thought, “Maybe someday my children will read it.” It had set on the bookshelf in their house for several years without being read. He told me that it is awesome now knowing why he bought the book!

I Think God Wants Me to be a Missionary. This book was the final tool God used to inspire me and show that He truly wanted to use me in missions. If you have ever thought about missions, this book is a must read. Thank you, Neal, for allowing God to show through you that He wanted me to be a missionary.

Brian Poole

Operation Mobilization