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Contrary to the flow of modern Western culture, Yvonne and I have no intentions of retiring. By God’s mercy and grace, my wife’s emphasis on healthy eating (which we do most of the time), our doctor’s insistence on regular Chelation therapy, and probably thanks to some good “genes” from our parents, we plan to continue in ministry until we no longer “fog the mirror”!

For those of you too young to understand that phrase, let me explain: Before the days of modern technology, a simple way to determine if a person was dead was to see if he was still breathing. If still breathing, he would “fog the mirror” being held up under his nose. If the mirror did not fog, call the mortician! Strong motivation to keep breathing!

But, if God wills, there will be no mortician for us….soon! Yvonne is putting together her 48th Short Term Ministry Team. She, and five others, will forge their way to a minority group with God’s Precious Word. They will visit and encourage many other national and ex-pat workers. Though she has said for the last several years, “This might be my last trip”, I hear rumblings already about her next one in February or March, 2017. If you do not go on a short ministry trip with Yvonne, you will have missed an experience of a lifetime!

I have a three-country, four-week itinerary in South America that is coming together for late September/October. Bible schools, a national missions conference, pastors’ conferences and more. What a privilege to be about our Father’s business!

As soon as the transition is complete and Greg is firmly in the “saddle”, I will be free for writing and more Stateside seminars and helping Yvonne edit her book. Maybe another ERI book. Maybe even some non-Emmaus Road writing! How about…Stories Grandfathers Like to Tell! What about a collection of my “bed, bath and beyond” experiences around the world? How about a new publishing house to help others get their works published?

Well, this gives you some idea that we plan to avoid “the mirror” for a long time! May God give us the wisdom and strength to live for Him day by day.