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Resources for Third Millennium Missions


A May 25th special Board meeting went over the top! Greg (our son) and Marci (his wife), Yvonne (my wife) and I had spent ten days together going to Tijuana for our annual Chelation Therapy. AND, to discuss what areas of transition can take place now. Here is the announcement:

     It is our distinct honor and privilege to introduce to you our son, Greg Pirolo and his wife, Marci. Greg is the newly appointed Director of ERI Resources—A Division of Emmaus Road International, and President designate of Emmaus Road International. 

Shout it from the rooftops, YES, but after the excitement, the transition begins! Details! Details! Details! But we have full confidence that Greg is up to the task. So, let's "shout" some more. The day after the Board meeting, due to a very generous donation that came in the mail, I was able to give Greg enough money to fund the initial setup of his office in Boulder City, Nevada. Their house has a "guest house" that they previously used for their E-Bay business. With a new computer, program upgrades, moving QuickBooks to the Cloud and refurbishing the office, they were ready to move the inventory from our storage shed. So…

Alex, one of ERI’s Board members, had a crew of six here to load 415 cases of books onto a U-Haul truck. They did it in less than two hours! However, when we arrived home from a missions conference, the truck bed was only an inch above the wheel! A miscalculation of weight had the truck overloaded by 3000+ pounds! We had to put more than one/third of the boxes back in the storage shed!

Greg and Marci have begun their Partnership Development. Yes, there will be some income from Resource sales, but a part of their income will come through partnership. If you would like to partner with them in prayer and/or finances, please contact them directly: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

When I “pass on” or otherwise become incapacitated, Greg will assume the role of President of Emmaus Road International. He has agreed to adhere to the original goals of ERI to MOBILIZE, TRAIN and NETWORK in the arena of cross-cultural outreach ministry. But he is already stirring the pot with creative ideas of new ways to accomplish these goals. Stay “tuned”!