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ACTS 29 Training Course

You will note, of course, that there are only 28 chapters in the Book of Acts. Yet, that is exactly why we call our training ACTS 29! We believe that what we are doing today in cross-cultural outreach ministry should be a continuation of the models provided for us in Acts.

The ACTS 29 Training Course is a 10 week total immersion in a second culture to learn how to live and minister in a second culture. The integration of the three learning centers - the Classroom, the Community, and the Christian home - provides a unique depth of understanding and practical application in five areas of study:

  • Cultural Adaptation
  • Language Acquisition
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Unculturating the Gospel and Teaching of Christ

A sixth class brings the teaching of the five together. We do a verse by verse study of the Book of Acts, looking at (and making 21st century application to) all cross-cultural living and ministry situations they faced.

Classes in primary health care and contingency preparation round out the curriculum.

This Course is excellent pre-field training for those making an initial two-year commitment. It is also used by mission agencies preparing career missionaries. Though the "laboratory" for this training is a Latin culture, course participants have found that the principles learned are transferable to any culture in the world. Here is what one student had to say concerning the principle of living with the nationals."

"I have been living out in my village for some time now. But I finally had an opportunity to have a nice reunion with my classmates from the ACTS 29 Training Course. It was good to catch up. It was interesting, too, to see the difference between the older generation of missionaries and us, having been taught different things and approaches. Some of my elder colleagues have expressed a concern about me being alone. They still live pretty much in a "missionary compound mentality" and have hardly any national friends. I had to reassure them that I am quite happy in my national church, my host family and national friends. I am able to see things through their eyes. Thanks for teaching us to bond with the nationals!"

ACTS 29 Training Course Dates:
Due to an increasing demand on our schedule to conduct seminars and training sessions internationally and due to the fact that more and more sister organizations are conducting pre-field training similar to the ACTS Training Courses, we are conducting courses at the request of any organization or group which can provide us with at least 8 participants and at a time that can fit into our international schedule.


You can request information for the ACTS 29 Training Course by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
or by phone at (858) 292-7020

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